Equis Dirk

— centaursTesticle [CT] began trolling timeausTestified [TT] at 9:23 —

CT: D—> Human

CT: D—> Human

CT: D—> Human

TT: Oh great.

CT: D—> I must inquire as to where you have acquired such magnificent pieces of hoofbeast art

CT: D—> As what is hanging in your respiteblock at this very moment

TT: What?

TT: Wait, don’t answer that.

TT: First of all, who in the airborne fuck are you?

TT: Second of all, I’m not going to lie. That is the best chumhandle I have ever laid my humble human eyes upon.

CT: D—> If you are inquiring about my name, then let me formally introduce myself

CT: D—> I am Equius Zahak

TT: Alright, Equius. I’m Dirk. Nice to meet you.

TT: I have a strange feeling that this could quite possibly be the start of a glorious, equine-filled friendship.

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